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"It’s time to put the phone away now, scooter pie. It’s time for ni-ni’s."

"In a minute, Daddy."

"No. Now."

"But, Daddyyyy, I’m textinnnnn’."

"Say goodnight. It’s time for bed."

"Yes, Daddyyyyyy."

beep beep.

"Nope. You can answer it in the morning. Put it away."

"Daddyyyyyyyy…" pout.

"Nice try, baby girl, but I said no and I meant no. Now, let it go."

"I want to answer it!"

"Well, my answer is no and that should be all the answer you need."

"Hmmph!" scoochscoochscooch.

"And where do you think you’re going?"

"I’m layin’ over here! You’re a big meanie!"

"Okay, crankypants. Have it your way. I’ll just be over here…stroking my cock…all by myself." Stroking.


"All alooooone…" Stroking.

Licks lips.

"It’s sooooo lonely over here."


"Oh, what’s this? It’s all sticky…"

"I’m sorry, Papa! I’m sorry! Can I, can I, can I?"

"Throat it, you little brat."


"Hnnnng. That’s more like it." Spank.


(Source: stripsbad)

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